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Flea & Tick Control on Your Lawn - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

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When your pets have fleas and ticks the chance are good that there are fleas and ticks in your lawn area as well. It can be very disturbing for kids to play on a flea and tick infested lawn. The best time to remove fleas and ticks will be in dry or winter season. Flea and tick treatments can be done every 3 weeks to eradicate the pest.

You also need to dip your dog at regular intervals to get rid of the fleas and ticks, the doghouse will need some treatment and the bedding washed often. If there is outdoor furniture it will need cleaning as well. All areas where your dogs stay must be treated regularly.

As we all know, the source of food for fleas and ticks is blood.  Animals and humans bitten by a tick can get very sick so it is very important to keep your lawn and house free of any ticks and fleas.

When fleas and tick are not controlled greater problems can resolve from that e.g moving into your curtains, bedding and furniture, which will make it more difficult to eradicate.

Contact us for fleas and ticks control on your lawn in all areas in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Midstream and Hartebeespoort.

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