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Rema Lawn is situated in Montana Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. We service customers in Tshwane, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Midstream and Hartebeespoort.

The company's main business is providing excellent service and solutions for gardens and lawns

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Lawn treatments - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

Your garden and lawn is a great asset to your home. A professional service will be provided by our team of experts to keep your lawn in tip top condition. A variety of services are provided e.g. fertilizing, booster treatments as well as insect and w...

Lawn Irrigation Products & Services

Lawn weed treatment - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

Weeds on your lawn is like a thorn in your foot, you dont like it there but cant get rid of it. Lawn weeds come from water, wind, birds, and certain top soils and can also be brought in by the lawnmowers of your garden service. Lawn weeds cant be era...


Lawn mole cricket treatment - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

Lawn mole crickets make a really irritating noise at night. Besides the noise they can destroy your lawn in a few months. Lawn mole crickets eat at the roots of your lawn and in so doing take away the foundation of your lawn. From time to time you wi...

Lawn mower service - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

To ensure that you get the best cutting results on your lawn, the equipment need to be in a good working condition. Lawn mower cutting blades can get blunt and need to be replaced or sharpened every 3 months for the best results. The blade needs to c...


Lawn ants and termites treatments - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

Ants & Termites Unfortunately lawn ants and termites are here to stay. We can control lawn ants and termites but we cant eradicate them. lawna ants are travelling insects and are all over. When you treat them they can move to anoth...

Electrical fence cleaning - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

Keeping your electrical fences clean from branches and bushes is crucial so that you wont get false alarms. No one wants to be waked up in the middle of the night by a false alarm due to branches triggering your fence.  Trees and plants grow and...


Lawn & garden irrigation sprinkler systems - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

If you want the best looking lawn then you have to water your lawn regularly. With today's busy lifestyles it is beneficial to have a lawn irrigation sprinkler system that will water your lawn on specific intervals automatically. There are automa...

Mice and rats eating your lawn - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

When it looks as if the lawn was ripped out with a lot of loose grass lying around, you can almost be sure that there are mice and rats feasting on your lawn. Scan the area to see if there are mice or rat droppings. When there are...


Rain and Storm Water Harvisting

 Digging the required hole for the tank, it can be a under ground tank or a vertical tank (above ground),   Placing the tank in the ground and securing it, placing the tank level is important. Installing a over flow pipe fo...

Building french drain

First the ground work needs to be done, digging of trenches, it needs to be done by TLB. Filling the trenches with concrete rock. Doing the pipe work for French drain...


Fleas and ticks control on your lawn - Pretoria Centurion Midrand Johannesburg

When your pets have fleas and ticks the chance are good that there are fleas and ticks in your lawn area as well. It can be very disturbing for kids to play on a flea and tick infested lawn. The best time to remove fleas and ticks will be in dry or w...

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